The CBC Uses Imagery During G20 Newscasts to Transmit the

Message of Complicity and Loyalty to the China Agenda

© 2010 Brad Kempo B.A. LL.B.

Barrister & Solicitor


National and international symbols are powerful forces on the mind.  Look at the importance of and relevance to self-identity, a sense of belonging and loyalty to political and corporate cultures of flags and branding logos.  And the less educated and enlightened the audience the more authoritative, commanding and controlling they are.  With trans-generational nepotism and patronage elevating the opposite of education, credentials and moral integrity to top tier positions in all the major institutions of the state, the operators and beneficiaries of Canada’s triangle of power and wealth have cultivated a secret society that is easily wound up and emboldened when seeing certain images are intentionally brought together – juxtaposed to create messages of unity of purpose – like the flags of Canada and China.  


It was pretty blatant, brazen and big in the propaganda category when Olympic 2010 organizers arranged for almost the entirety of the Chinese athletic delegation to walk into B.C. Place during the opening ceremonies waving Canadian flags.  Recall what was evidentiarily presented and argued in The Evidence Speaks for Itself: Part II:


China Asserts its Joint Sovereignty Over Canada During the

Opening Ceremony and at Other Venues  

© 2010 Brad Kempo B.A. LL.B.

Barrister & Solicitor 


Only those edified about the 21st century’s global conflict between expanding totalitarianism and its opposite and understanding the China’s leadership aggressiveness at taking every opportunity to declare its multi-decade entitlement to jointly govern Canada with the country’s political and corporate elite would have immediately seen what was intended – and taken major offense to so many of the Chinese team walking into B.C. Place waving the Canadian flag.    


Out of eighty-two teams, only one proudly walked into the arena waving two flags – their own and Canada’s.  The intention was to geo-politicize the games right from the start and in a way that made claim to the fact the Beijing leadership has just as much right to govern the country as it does Taiwan and Tibet.    


These photos reveal just how many Chinese athletes were given Canadian flags to wave; showing how saturated the screen was of this initiative that brazenly thumbed a nose at the country’s constitution and international laws, conventions and protocols related to the sovereignty of nations.     




With the G20 Summit attracting not only world leaders and their teams to Toronto but also the interest of many millions of Canadians, CBC executives saw an opportunity to display their loyalty to the non-transparent constituent of federal and provincial governance.   They wanted to show Fadden-embarrassed Chinese President Hu Jintao and over eight hundred thousand of China’s military and intelligence personnel who emigrated here over the last four decades to lock this country down politically and corporately what the government run national network is going to continue supporting and protecting come hell or high water.  



Peter Mansbridge, who only five days earlier was the unwitting conduit through which the CSIS Director dropped a bombshell that paved the way for the RCC national awareness campaign and regime change, proudly sat in front of a backdrop consisting of two vertically moving graphics that identified all the visiting countries by their official flags.  Brazenly, executives juxtaposed the Canadian and Chinese flags and in a list put the names of the two countries next to each other to generate another in what’s been decades of propaganda victories.  The difference this time is they knew that many of the RCC’s invitees -- 270 organizations, associations and groups representing twenty million Canadians – would be watching.  Now that’s arrogant.




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